Got the Gutsshowmarch in 4 parts: intro: slow funk groove; agitato; waltz; 12/8 afrolatin groove; SnDr, SnDr 2 (snares off), Bongos,Cymb,(+ad.lib. beatring), tenor(bd high),bassdrum low. Grade 3


HAKA - visual showpiece inspired by the oceanian Haka dances. For percussion: Tom toms ( 4 players or more), SnDr, Tenor Dr, Cymb, Bassdrum. Grade 3/4


Patrol Battlewith visuals & sticking effects. Com. by Show Band 'Maastrichtse Verkenners Band'. 
SnDr1,2,3,Cymb,BD. Grade 3/4


Ragtime Rage - shuffle with a 7/8 twist & voices; SnDr, SnDr+Bongos,Cymb,Tamborim(ad.lib. beatring), tenor(bd high),bassdrum low. Com. by Marching percussion band Berggalm Noorbeek. Grade 3/4


Wamochialternating showmarch in 3 styles: Asian, Western and Latin-American. As a reference to the participants at the World Music Contest in 2013.
Com. by  marching percussion band Concordia Obbicht for WMC 2013. 
SnDr1(+mini hihat) ,SnDr 2(+Tamborims), bongos, cowbell, claves, cymb, tenor dr. BD 1, BD 2. Grade 5/6