I can create custom made arrangements of your favorite popsong,
movie soundtrack or classical piece.
From large percussion ensemble to marimba solo and everything in between.
I will make the arrangements in close contact with you to make sure it meets your demands.
The following titles were commissioned* so far:

Adiemus, Karl Jenkins - 12 parts
Angels, Robbie Williams - 10 parts
Arabian Dance, P.I. Tsjaikovski - 12 parts
Blinding Lights, the Weeknd - 12 parts
Calm after the Storm, Common Linnets - 9 parts
Promise Me (from First Knight), Jerry Goldsmith - 13 parts
Home of the Brave, Toto (co-arranger Rick Alberts) 
- 22 parts 

Last Christmas, Wham! - 9 parts 
Let me entertain you, Robbie Williams - 11 parts
Levels, Avicii - 9 parts 
John Williams Suite - 13 parts
Metropolis Overture, Dream Theater (co-arranger Rick Alberts) - 22 parts
My Love is like a Red Red Rose, Scottish tune - 6 parts (7 players)
Stranger Music (Stranger Things medley), Kyle Dickson & Michael Stein - 9 parts
Wit Licht, Marco Borsato - 13 parts
*Unpublished or non-licenced 
Arrangements are commissioned by client and are for private or educational use only. 

Unless music is copyright-free or a traditional, all rights belong to the original artist and composer. 

Possible claims by entitled parties after live performances or online publishing (f.e. youtube, facebook)  

are responsibility for the assigning client/performer of the arrangement.
The client is responsible for the payment of any rights with regard to live performances
(f.e. Buma or other  entitled parties) of these arrangements.
The Contractor does not accept any liability in this regard.